1. Waste Disposal & Treatment(Designing Supply & Install waste Treatments Units)
  2. water and Industrial & Sanitary Wastewater Works(Implementation,Operation & Maintenance of water Sanitation)
  3. Purification of Wells & brackish water Desalination(Design,supply,Installation,Operation & Maintenance of the Desalination Plants)
  4. Purification of Wells & brackish Water desalination(Design,Supply,Installation,Operation & Maintenance of the Desalination Plants)
  5. Industrial & Sanitary Waste Water Treatment(Design,Supply,Installation,Operation & Maintenance of the Desalination Plants-Industrial & sanitary Waste water Treament Plants)
  6. Envvironment Labs Elecrical,Mechanical Electronic & Industry Workd(Design,Implementation,Operation and Maintenace the Electrical,Mechanical,electronic & Industry)
Exclusive Agent,for Patented NanoTechnology
Industrial Nansolute for Thermal Insulation &Assets Protection
NANO Technology:
SEPEC With it’s Professional Team Are:
All Industrial Nanoslute Products
Why Nanoslute :
•Protect and increase lifespan of assets
•Energy saving
•Corrosion resistance
•Ideal pipe and processing tanks insulation and rust inhibitor
•Translucent & clean insulation
•Highly effective insulation
•Excellent adhesion for many substrates
•Non – toxic , water based
•Prevents burns